About Kerala Temples Booking

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"

Kerala Temples Booking is a common online platform for booking a pooja or vazhipadu to the numerous temples located in the state of Kerala, India. Devotees can book their pooja or vazhipadu online. The booking process typically involves selecting the temple, date and time of the pooja, birth star, gothra, providing personal details and making the necessary payments.

Kerala is home to numerous temples, including famous ones like Sabarimala, Guruvayur Temple, and Padmanabhaswamy Temple, among others and which attract millions of devotees from around the world. Proper booking ensures a hassle-free and fulfilling experience for the devotees.

It is much an expensive in terms of build a website/app for separate temples. So we thought to build a common platform for every temples in Kerala, to add their poojas and get bookings from devotees. Temples can collect Auditorium booking also through this application

You can register here as any one of the three different customer types as follows

1) Devotee - People can register here as devotee to book poojas or offerings in Kerala Temples registered with us

2) Temple - Those located in Kerala can register and update their pooja, history, photos, management etc,

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